2019 Results

The 2019 Tightlined Slam saw solid striped bass fishing, with steady action of schoolie bass in the low 20" range along with a few fish into the upper 20" range and one fish landed at 35".  Qualifying bluefish (19.5" or larger) remained hard to find, however several boats were able to locate and land choppers up to 35" as well.  Given high winds for much of the weekend, the hard tail bite was more difficult to come by, especially the albies.  While they were in the area, only two boats were able to land any albies, and only three fish were boated.  Several more boats got into bonito, with 14 fish landed in the tournament.  While all four species were targetable, only one boat was able to land a qualifying bluefish, qualifying striped bass and hard tails to be named Team Champion for the tournament.  No single angler was able to land all three, however, so there were no individual slam champions named.  

Congratulations to all of our winners from 2019, we hope to see you back in 2020.


Team Champions

The A-Team

(Capt. Brad Berk, Chase Freiman, Arek Zenel-Walasek, John Griffin)

2 striped bass, 1 bluefish, 2 bonito with a combined length of 108" 

Conventional Categories

Largest Striped Bass

Jason Coleman – Team L.B.C - 2 fish combined length of 58" 

Largest Bluefish

Capt. Roger Gendron – Team Lighten Up - 2 fish combined length of 50" 

Number of Hard Tails

Capt. Brad Berk, Arek Zenel-Walasek, John Griffin - The A-Team - 3 each 

Largest Slam – No individual Slams Landed 

Fly Categories

Largest Striped Bass:  

Capt. Jeff Northrup – Team Black Fin - two fish combined length of 44.5" 

Largest Bluefish

Stephen Antinelli – Team Lighten Up - two fish combined length of 62" 

Most Hard Tails – No fish landed 

Largest Slam – No individual slam landed 

Stephen Antinelli of team Lighten Up with a 35" bluefish on fly, the largest landed

Arek Zenel-Walasek of The A-Team with a nice bonito

Jason Coleman and Capt. Mike Platt of Team L.B.C. with a 35" bass, the largest landed

The A-Team celebrating their wins in Team & Hard Tail categories in front of the Costa Sunglasses Truck 

Team Tambass with a healthy 29" striped bass taken on topwater

Ryan Joyce of Team Tightlined with one of just three albies landed 

Team Tambass releasing a beautiful striped bass

Tripp Donelan of Team Double Haul showing off a lit up bonito

Jason Coleman of Team L.B.C. taking home first in the conventional striped bass category

2018 Results

The fishing for the 2018 Tightlined Slam focused mainly around the arrival of False Albacore, which invaded the area in numbers the week leading up to the tournament.  With perfect weather for chasing these speedsters, nearly every boat landed at least one.  The striped bass and bluefish, however were much harder to come by, with only one bluefish over 20” landed and only a couple bass to that length submitted.  Again, the lack of any widespread bluefish or stripers of any size in what should be the midst of the fall run provides testament to the critical importance of organizations like The Marine Fish Conservation Network. 

Congratulations to all of our winners from 2018, hope to see you back in 2019.

Conventional Categories

Largest Striped Bass – David Cingari – Team Road Work Ahead

Largest Bluefish – David Ingraham – Team Gary Yamamotos

Largest Hard Tail – No winner – rule change coming due to # of same size fish 

Largest Slam – Robb Voss – Team LBC

Fly Categories

Largest Striped Bass – Scott Meador – Team Lighten Up

Largest Bluefish – Scott Meador – Team Lighten Up

Largest Hard Tail – Taylor Ingraham – Team Tightlined

Largest Slam – Scott Meador – Team Lighten Up

Team Champions – Team LBC (who landed the only bonito in the tournament)

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