Given the pressures fisheries around the world are facing, it is critical that the right organizations receive the support they need to shape policies that protect our resources and provide access to the fish and wildlife we all pursue and enjoy, not only for today, but for generations to come.  

The Tightlined Western Sound Slam (Tightlined Slam) is a catch-and-release tournament run by the Tightlined Conservation Coalition that contributes proceeds directly to conservation while awarding prizes to top anglers in pre-determined categories - see The Fishing for more details.  


The 2020 Tightlined Slam once again proudly supports The American Saltwater Guides Association, which was created to activate and unite guides, small business owners and like-minded anglers, and to represent them and their voice at the federal, regional and state level.  The ASGA is a coalition of forward-thinking guides, small business owners and like-minded anglers who understand the value of keeping fish in the water.  We realize that abundance equals opportunity, and that such opportunity is quite a bit more important to the future of fishing than low size limits and full coolers. More information about the ASGA, its mission, board members and current areas of focus can be found at www.saltwaterguidesassociation.org.   For more information, please visit their website below. 









American Saltwater Guides Association Lo

We are also pleased to partner with Keep Fish Wet, a non-profit organization that promotes the use of science-based best practices to catch, handle and release fish.  Science shows that even small changes in how an angler catches, handles and releases a fish can have positive outcomes once that fish swims away.  Not only does using best practices increase survival rates of fish, but it helps fish return to their normal behavior as quickly as possible after release.  Using best practices for catch-and-release fishing is a quick and effective way to put conservation into practice.  As a catch-and-release only tournament promoting the importance of conservation, proper handling of fish is paramount to the survival of those that we are all fortunate enough to catch.  We are excited to help promote these best practices to help ensure that released fish during the Tightlined Slam survive.